Foundation Care Recipients



Poor dear had a panic attack with the fire alarm went off in her home and no one was there to help her. The damage to her teeth was painful yet treatable. She’s smiling much better now!



With an upper tooth poking through her lip, she was in a lot of pain. With MPF support, we were able to extract the tooth which allowed her to eat again. This gave her back her smile okay, maybe just a purr or two.



This little guy had a huge wound that needed repair thankfully, he’s doing much better now that it’s over!



This adorable pup swallowed something he shouldn’t have and needed surgery to remove the foreign body item from his stomach. All went well and he’s back to his happy puppy self now!



This handsome lad is feeling MUCH better now that his hernia is repaired.



Jakey is feeling MUCH better now that he’s had a full dental and some teeth extracted that made life very painful for him. He’s brighter and back to enjoying eating again. Yeah!



Aka “Sweetie,” needed medical care. We found out about this from Maine Poodle Rescue, provided the care, and now Layla is living happily ever after in her forever home.



Needed orthopedic surgery. We helped cover the expenses at a Winthrop veterinary practice, and now Milo has a new spring in his step.



A dog suffering from severe pancreatitis, needed a helping paw, er, hand. MPF sent funds to a practice in Saco to help her out.



This sweet kitty, Shera, had a tooth extraction, a dental workup and nodules removed from her ears. She’s looking and feeling much better now.



Maggie chewed up and swallowed something she regretted later…An X-ray revealed that the teether from one of the young twins in her family was now firmly lodged inside her. Ouch! Today, Maggie is back to her happy, healthy, rascally self and her near-death experience is nearly forgotten.


A 6-month-old, mixed breed puppy, found herself at the wrong end of a cat paw. The result was a ruptured cornea in her left eye. This was extremely painful for the little dog, and the prognosis was that she would be blind in that eye forever. In addition, damage to the eye required surgery. Mainely Pets Foundation stepped in to help

Dr. Lyons at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital did the surgery, and as you can see, the little pup was very thankful.


Belle’s Story

Shared by Donna Nielson & Elena Jenkins

It all stared one rainy day when Elana, my daughter, peeked out our back door at the pouring rain and spotted two drenched dogs sitting on our back porch. She hollered to me to come quickly to see. When I looked out through the deluge, I spotted a French Bulldog and a Chihauhua. We immediately decided to bring them in to dry off, but I was only able to catch the

French Bulldog before the skittish Chihuahua took off. The next day I wrote up a “Found Dog” notice with my contact information. During the month that I waited to hear from someone, I decided to call her Belle. She had no name tags and I had to call her something – so Belle is was. My pretty girl.

A month passed and no one called or stopped by, so I decided to keep her. I called Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Hospital to get a wellness exam for herand come to find out, Belle is blind in her right eye, totally deaf and has hip problems. We couldn’t do anything about the eye or ears, but put her on pain meds to relieve her hip discomfort. I had also filled out paperwork for ownership of this beautiful love bug. She officially became part of my family back then in 2012.

Belle remained happy and healthy for a couple years. Then we found a cancerous tumor on her and removed it. She bounced back just fine from that.

Last year, however, I noticed a spot on Belle’s left eye . I made an appointment to have it checked and learned that her one seeing eye was in trouble. We treated it for two months, but it did not improve. I was just beside myself with worry. At this point, she needed surgery and it was going to be expensive.

I learned about the Mainely Pets Foundation that Falmouth Veterinary Hospital set up. This Foundation was willing to cover half the expenses and Elana found that DogWill would cover the rest. Whew! We proceeded with the surgery.

Today, Belle is sadly blind and deaf, but she is happy , pain-free and well loved. She finds joy in each day, and we find joy in being with her.

I want to thank the Mainely Pets Foundation along with the Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Hospital and Dog Will for the help with funds and the love & compassion they gave to my Belle. It saved her life and made mine much happier.


A message from Macho’s “Dad”: Thank you so much for having a foundation that helps people in times of need. I should have gotten the pet insurance. It wasn’t only the money but also the condition of Macho’s leg that ultimately led to decision to have it amputated. He is, I’ve been told going to heal quicker, be in less pain and be back to his remarkably happy positive self soon. It will be an adjustment but we are so grateful to still have him in our lives and with our love and therapy efforts our little family will be back to normal in no time. The help you are able to provide to us is a blessing as we are not exactly rich in material wealth but we feel we are beyond wealthy in love and spirit.