Exotic Pet Care

We recognize that pets are more than simply creatures. They are valued members of your family at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital.


Exotic Pet Care

We are dedicated to giving all pets the best care possible, including the fantastic and distinctive exotics that enrich our lives. We specialize in going above and beyond for your exotic companions and are located in the center of Falmouth, ME.

Our staff at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital stands out as a light of knowledge and compassion when caring for pocket pets. Pocket pets include guinea pigs, rabbits and rodents. Our doctors care deeply about the health of your exotic pets and are skilled experts.

No matter how unique a pet may be, we at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital think they deserve the best care possible. We stand out for our devotion to providing specialist care for exotic animals, and our purpose is driven by our desire to win over pet owners like you. Find out what a remarkable difference our team can make for your noteworthy pet.

Why Choose an Exotic Pet Veterinarian

Tailored Expertise: Our veterinarians know the unique requirements for exotic animal’s health, behavior, and needs. We have the expertise and experience to offer the best standard of care, whether for a tenacious chameleon or a sweet-natured sugar glider.

Preventive medicine: Exotic pets frequently have unique health concerns that, with the correct treatment, can be controlled or avoided. We provide thorough wellness checks, immunizations, and dietary advice to ensure your pet has a long and healthy life.

Excellence in Diagnostics: Our state-of-the-art laboratory is outfitted with cutting-edge diagnostic instruments to identify health issues in exotic pets. When recognizing and resolving health issues, we don’t cut any corners.

Humane Treatment: Exotic animals may be sensitive to unfamiliar surroundings and situations. Our team tackles every case with kindness and sympathy, reducing worry and stress for your cherished pet.

Benefits for Your Extraordinary Companion

Holistic Wellness: Our comprehensive approach to exotic pet care ensures that your pet’s physical, emotional, and nutritional needs are met. We’re dedicated to enhancing their overall quality of life.

Longevity: By addressing potential health issues early and providing preventive care, we help extend the lifespan of your exotic pet, allowing you to enjoy more years of companionship.

Tailored Nutrition: Exotic pets often have specific dietary requirements. We offer guidance on nutrition and feeding schedules to keep your pet vibrant and healthy.